From Boston to Pelham
We moved in December to this amazing community, Skyview Estates. Being transplants from Boston it was definitely a transition moving out of the congested city. The only regret I have, is not making this move years ago!

We were interested in new construction and looked at everything in southern NH as well as in MA along the border. What set Skyview aside from ALL others was the location, town, schools and quality of construction from an outstanding and honest builder. It felt as though everyone we met from Elkridge took personal pride in the quality of the craftsmanship of the homes. No question has ever gone unanswered. Any question we have had, they are responding at the drop of a hat, and better yet coming right over to the house! From day 1, when I came to see Skyview alone while my husband was working, I knew this would be our forever home.

I met John, and he gave me his cell phone number to call with any questions about the homes. I mentioned my husband being in construction – and he did not bat an eye. He and Tom are proud of their project and work – as they should be! No builder is giving you their phone numbers to call with any questions anytime!

The town of Pelham really set itself aside from all neighboring towns in respect to the schools which are top notch (we have two small children in the elementary school) and the recreational programs offered. I challenge you to find another community with homes that have craftsmanship as top notch as Skyview, in a town with schools as good as Pelham and offering comparable recreational programs, from a builder who is as honest and transparent as Elkridge! Come check it out- you will not be disappointed!!! Lots of amazing lots available to be our neighbors! We would love to welcome more families to the community. It’s a great place to raise your family!

Erica G

From NY to NH
We’re moving to New Hampshire from upstate New York so most of our initial research was done from a distance, online. We chose the state because of its location (proximity to Boston, the ocean, and the mountains), beauty, and favorable tax base (no sales, income, or inheritance taxes). We wanted to be near Nashua for the goods and services it provides, and close to Boston and family there.

We checked out existing real estate, but then decided on new construction to get the house we wanted in an appealing location. Skyview’s website described what we were looking for: new construction on approximately half acre lots (rather than 2+ acres required in many other towns), customizable homes instead of rows of vinyl “boxes,” and great settings with great views.

The philosophy behind the design of Skyview (conservation residential subdivision, hiking trails, community garden) was a real draw, and the data provided on the website made a compelling case for choosing southern NH over MA, with respect to cost of living and taxes, whether you are working in the Boston area or retired.

On our first visit to Skyview we met the builder and developer, walked some of the land, and were so favorably impressed on all counts that we reserved a lot on the spot. Since then, we’ve found everyone connected to the development, from the professional staff to the vendors, to be knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Our home is under construction now and we look forward to calling Skyview our home in the not too distant future.

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